20mm Miniatures

20mm miniatures have long been associated with historical gaming, and it's true, there are figures for gaming just about any era or army from ancients to moderns.
Many people get started in this hobby (or move to 20mm from another scale) by collecting inexpensive 20mm plastic miniatures. Just like metal miniatures, the quality of plastic figures varies by the manufacturer. Some are famously detailed and others are incredibly poor.
One popular myth regarding plastic minis is that paint will not stick reliably to them. I find they are just as sturdy as my metal minis when I treat them the same way as I do the metals. I prep them, give them a wash, prime them, paint them with quality acrylic paints and then apply an appropriate top-coat of sealer.

More Than History

Pegasus USMC
But historicals are just one facet of the hobby. As more people discover the advantages of 20mm gaming the range of miniatures is similarly growing.
There is good competition among the talented sculptors working in this range and the quality and variety of metal miniatures is growing. 20mm science fiction, pulp, horror and even zombie miniatures are available now.

It's in the Details...

Pegasus USMC. Italeri US Willy's Jeep
Painting 20mm does not demand the same attention to detail as painting larger miniatures and so filling out the ranks of a platoon or company can be done quite rapidly. However, 20mm figures do have enough detail that many will put in extra effort with the result being amazing figures hard to distinguish from their bigger cousins. Perfect for the occasional leader or special figure.
There are techniques and styles appropriate to this genre, most of which are shared and demonstrated online. Once you adopt a method and get a rhythm, painting these smaller figures can go quite quickly and an army quickly grows over a few evenings while you paint.

Vehicles for Land, Sea and Air

Trumpeter M113's & ACAV's. SHQ Crews.
But this scale is not just about the little men, women, monsters and aliens, it's also about the vehicles! 1/72 scale model kits are an economical staple of the 20mm gamer providing a fantastic selection for land, sea and sky. Many kits in this scale are quick and easy to put together, ideal for gaming! Die-cast cars, trucks and military vehicles are another great source of ready to play toys for the table.
Just as with buildings, there are some fantastic suppliers of resin vehicles designed specifically for 20mm gaming. Some companies feature vehicles that can not be found any other way. Some even offer custom fabrication of vehicles, providing that sufficient numbers are ordered!

Manufacturers of 20mm Miniatures

A selection of suppliers and manufacturers. I have made at least one purchase from all of those listed below and have been pleased with the quality of service and of the miniatures I received. Click on the link to visit their website. Please, let me know should you ever find one of these links not working.
Britannia Miniatures
Elhiem Figures
SHQ Miniatures
Liberation Miniatures (RH Models)
S&S Models (Sands Models)
RAFM Miniatures
East Riding Miniatures (Platoon 20)

These suppliers I have heard good things about, but have yet to order from.